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I spend half of the day configuring K2[blackpearl] in my dev environment.
Initially I got errors and was unable to start the K2[blackpearl] host service and my workspace emitted errors saying that the target machine actively rejected my connection.

Another panic moment …
but then after I contacted their support team, they simply confirmed that at this moment, K2[blackpearl] got some issues when installed on a hard drive that is not the C:\ drive.

Nice. I had to re-do all of the installation.

Lessons (will be updated as I venture further):

- For now, do not install K2[blackpearl] on drives other than C:\ <-- fixed in SP1

[update #1] after cleaning everything (including databases) and a re-installation, I got a successful K2[blackpearl] installation,… this time with a NON-WORKING K2 Web Designer for SharePoint.. OMG ..

[update #2] I got the K2 Web Designer working after I activate it in K2 Administrator tab on the Central Admin. My fault, my bad, sorry, okay? Now I am struggling to improvise with it.

[update #3] A very kind reader has pointed out that the non-C:\ drive installation is now fixed on SP1, as well as a bunch of other improvements.